The Mind (#3 of 7)

“ …Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly…”

The mind is the thought center.  It precedes the heart or belief center.  Thoughts can be rejected or they can be accepted and then brought to the level of belief, or the heart.

When I was much younger,  I really struggled with controlling my thoughts.  In fact, my thoughts were so out of control that I believed in my heart that I was an evil person because of these thoughts that continued to plague me.  I believed that I was the source of all thoughts.   Later, after my 2nd baby was born,  I really struggled again with my thoughts.  It confirmed the false belief that I was a horrible person and that I was the source of these unworthy thoughts.

It was important for my healing to realize the source of thoughts.  All thoughts come from 2 sources.  They either come from God or mammon.  The thoughts that come from God are original or truth.  Satan can not create  thoughts.  He takes an original source truth and distorts it into a lie or untruth.  Satan uses the same methods God uses to introduce the twisted version of God’s truth into our minds.  Let’s discuss some of these methods.

  1.  THE WRITTEN WORD AND MEDIA.  We are so blessed to have the technology to publish truth to every corner of the world through the use of books and media.  However, Satan also uses it to publish the lies.  This is an area where we have much obvious choice.  We can choose the words and media that we subscribe to every moment.
  2. OTHER PEOPLE.  This one is a little more difficult.  We do not always have an obvious choice of who we are surrounded by and the words they say to us.  However, we can decide whether a thought they introduce to us is worthy of our attention or not.    As we learn to discern truth through personal education, we have more freedom to accept or reject the words others say to us.  We also become more accountable for the thoughts we introduce to others.
  3. UNSEEN BEINGS.  Just like the Spirit can whisper thoughts into our minds, there are also other unseen beings who can whisper thoughts to us.  This is a whole new level of discernment.  Again though, it is simply a matter of learning to discern between truth and lies.  When we have discernment, we have the power to reject the unworthy thoughts and accept the true ones.

Loving God with all of your mind is to “let virtue garnish thy thoughts”.  Using the garden analogy again, it is clearing the weeds out of the garden of our mind.


The Heart (#2 of 7)


THE HEART  Proverbs 23:7  ”For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

The heart is the belief center. We are governed by the beliefs that we have. If we want to change a physical manifestation (weight, money, etc.) We must change the beliefs that surround that experience. For example, If I really want to lose some weight in my conscious mind, but in my heart I have certain beliefs surrounding the weight, I will retain the weight.    Even if I am able to lose the weight because I force myself to eat better, exercise, etc. but the beliefs in my heart stay the same, the weight will be gained back eventually.  (The word “release” is a better word to use than “lose” but that’s a whole different blog post.)

Where do the beliefs come from?

Every single thing that we experience in this life is recorded in our DNA.  We are the sum total of ALL our experiences.  Let’s take the same example, weight.  Let’s pretend that when I was 8 years old, someone told me I was fat.  I accepted that statement, and made it a belief in my heart.  Now, 30 years later I may not even remember that experience, but my body does!  Now when I try to lose weight, that belief is in the way, and the physical opposition is enormous.  And that is just one belief!  One person can have hundreds of beliefs about one subject.  No wonder it is so hard to change!  Some other common beliefs surrounding weight are:

“It is vanity to be thin.”

“Being thin attracts attention from men that I don’t want.”

“It is too much work/ too hard to be thin.”

“Thin people think they are better than others.”

“It is not safe for me to be thin, because…”

“My family is overweight, it is in my genes.”

“It is impossible for me to lose weight.”


Loving God with ALL of my heart

Picture with me a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers and plants.  This represents a pure heart and our unique potential.  We have beautiful seeds already planted in our heart.  They are our divine heritage.  Everyone has them.  However, as a result of living in this mortal world, we also have seeds planted in our heart that are weeds.  What do weeds do?  They choke the beautiful flowers and plants.  And when we allow the weeds to grow out of control, eventually they “cover” or “hide” the beautiful tender shoots underneath.  To love God with ALL of my heart, simply means to nurture the “true” beliefs, and dig out the “false” or “limiting” beliefs that keep me from achieving my full potential, or what God intended me to be.  In short, it is weed management.

So what do you want planted in the garden of your heart, noxious weeds or beautiful flowers and plants? Whichever one you choose to nurture, will become your reality.