Might (#5 of 7)

Might refers to our physical might or power, but it also refers to physical things outside of us that support our body.  Some examples of might would be food, money, our homes, etc.  Really anything that supports our physical body could be classified as might.  All of these things combined work together to give us the ability to perform.   There are 2 important things to consider when thinking about might.

  1. Allegiance:  It is of utmost importance to choose our allegiance before increasing our might.  If our allegiance is to God, all our might (money, food, etc.) works together to build the kingdom of God.  This way might becomes a means or a tool instead of an end.
  2. Increase:  Once we have chosen our allegiance, it is appropriate and good to seek to increase our might.  The more might we have the more people we can inspire and pull into our circle of influence.  As a result, blessings and prosperity can be increased for all.

Here is an example to consider.    Many people in my church, young and old, choose to serve proselyting and/or  service missions.  They choose to do this because of their allegiance to God and their desire to share the blessings of God with all of His children.  However, there are many things needed in order to do so.  First of all they need money.  It’s just a given in our world.  In fact the last estimate I heard is that it costs roughly $13,000 to serve a two year mission.  That may be a low estimate now.   They also need strong healthy bodies to reach people in many parts of the world.  They need the ability to love and communicate and inspire the people they come across.  They need knowledge.  All of these things are examples of might.

Loving God with all of our might means that we increase our means in all areas to better serve the purposes of God and reach more people.   In fact, as we align our hearts to God, He shows us how to increase our means, with little effort on our part.  It’s actually quite a bit of effort, it just doesn’t feel like it because we are doing what we love  and having fun doing it.  We are also guided every step of the way.  We come to realize that God’s purpose for us is the same as our desires.  They are one and the same.  We are now walking in complete harmony with our spirits.


The Soul (#4 of 7)

The soul is the body plus the spirit.  Our job in this sphere of existence is to learn to unify the body to the spirit.  The challenge in this is that our bodies constantly fight against the longings of our spirit.  Our spirits remember another sphere of existence and long to return to our God.  Our bodies, however, remember no such thing, and the passions of the body are strong and difficult to govern.  The body remembers and records everything that happens in this life as well as previous generations on this earth  recorded in our DNA.  Our bodies are literally “of the dust.”

In order to unify our body and spirit, 3 things will help us.

  1. FRUSTRATION:  Yes, that’s right.  Frustration is a tool to help us.  When we feel frustrated, it is simply our spirit letting our body know that we have reached a plateau in our progression.  If we notice frustration in our lives it is time to find out what is causing the frustration and move forward.  This leads to the next step.
  2. DECIDE TO ACT:  Now we have 2 choices.  We can listen to our spirit and choose to overcome whatever is causing the frustration or we can listen to our body, stay in the comfort zone of the body, and settle for mediocrity.  If we choose the former we are now ready for the next step, and it will come surely as night follows day.
  3. OPPOSITION:  Once we have chosen to move forward in our progression, the opposition comes full force.  The reason we have opposition is because of fear.  Remember our bodies record all of our experiences.  Moving forward feels threatening to the body, because somewhere in our experience or in the experience of previous generations things didn’t work out so well when the path we are now following was tried before.  We have 2 choices again.  Fear or faith.  Most people give up.  The fear and opposition are too great and we convince ourselves that we really didn’t want it anyway.  When we choose faith we still have to experience all of the fear and opposition.  Faith is choosing to stay on the path regardless of the fear and opposition.  It is not giving up.  It is also trusting that the thing we are working toward is for our highest good.  Once we decide enough times that we are going to overcome the fear and opposition, the path eventually becomes clear and all opposition moves out-of-the-way.  We have now reached a new level of being and can rest for a while until we plateau again and the cycle begins anew.


Loving God with all of your soul means being willing to overcome all opposition in order to align the body with the spirit.  It is trusting and having faith that our spirit knows what is best for us, and submitting to it.  It is allowing the cleansing power of the atonement to heal our bodies and remove the impurities that keep us from God.  This process brings joy and light and truth to us.