Self Love vs. Self Care

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I’m not saying through the title that we have to choose either self love or self care. I am submitting the idea that self love encompasses self care, but is also SO much more. These are merely examples for me. The first example in each line is going through the motions of self care. The second is REALLY loving me AND doing self care. It’s seeing the bigger picture. The purpose for the care.

Self care is brushing my teeth. Self love is brushing my teeth while in gratitude and love for those teeth that serve my body.

Self care is exercising daily to form a healthy body routine. Self love is choosing exercises that I enjoy and that feed my body and spirit and energize me to do God’s will.

Self care is eating kale and spinach. Self love is eating all of my food with an intention and blessing it and being in gratitude and love for it.

Self care is taking a shower. Self love is being in love and gratitude for each part of my body that serves me so well as I lovingly wash and care for it.

I don’t always practice self love, but I’m getting better and better. What are some ways that you can truly love you more instead of just going through the motions?