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Maria Elena Olson:  Heart Influencer

Maria is a gentle leader, a guiding light, and a steadying influence.

She is a minister of Truth. She is a God vessel and connects people to their divinity.  She simultaneously sees where people are, and the potential of who they can become. She holds people to their light, and sees them in their truth. Because of this gift, she is able to reflect clear steps of action for individuals and groups to take in reaching their  potential. She can be like a playful child in one moment, and the next serious- delivering timeless wisdom that can’t be ignored.

She is passionate about freedom, leadership, spiritual gifts and healing and is empowering women and men to connect to their inner guidance, heal blocks that are keeping them stuck, and fulfill their divine purpose and potential.  She has successfully overcome depression, anxiety, and many other debilitating issues in her life and has assisted many others in freeing themselves from emotional and physical issues using The 5 Systems Approach to Personal Freedom which she created.  Her favorite gift is helping others to see the gift they are and the gifts they have in blessing the lives of others, and empowering them to BE the change they desire for the world.

She is a married Mother of 5 amazing children, Author, Event Facilitator, Gifted Speaker, Certified Quickening Coach, a Mentor of Mentors, and a Light Mover Extraordinaire.

She can be found at http://mariaeolson.com,  and all over Social Media.

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“I started working with Maria Olson on Oct. 9.  I’ve been having my sessions with Maria for 5 1/2 months.  My experience with Maria has been a ‘God send.’ I know more about myself now than I have in my 60 years of living.  Maria is a special person with gifts and talents that can help many people.”

Kathy- Springville, UT


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