How “Sacred Gifts” came to be

Sacred Gifts

When I was 30 years old and expecting my 4th child, I started to get worried.  I knew that God wanted me to have this little boy I was carrying.  I had known about him for about 7 years before.  I also knew that postpartum depression was a problem for me.  A huge problem.  I did not feel up to the challenge, but I wanted to trust and be obedient, and God came through for me.

Early in the pregnancy, I had an amazing experience.  The depression, anxiety, and fear was already setting in and I remember sitting up in my bed pondering and for just a split second, I felt what it felt like to have all of my burdens lifted off of me.  It was complete emotional freedom.  My burdens came back as quickly as they left but in that moment I had the understanding that it was possible to experience this freedom, that God wanted me to experience it, and that it was coming soon.  A few weeks later, I ran into a friend several times in a week, she introduced me to emotional healing or energy work and the rest is history.  I experienced NO postpartum depression, which was a HUGE miracle and gift and over time I have been able to experience the emotional freedom that I tasted that day.

As I progressed in my healing journey, I was experiencing such dramatic shifts that I felt called to help other people the same way I had been helped.  At first, it started out as mentoring sessions, but then a few years ago, I started waking up at 3 and 4 AM knowing that I needed to write some information down.  This happened several times over a few month period until I had received a complete mentoring system which I call The 5 Systems Approach to Personal Freedom.  It is based on 5 systems that are part of our experience.  They are heart, mind, soul, might, and strength.  I started teaching these classes and quickly learned that everyone has their own beautiful gifts and mentoring style.  The course shifted to be called Sacred Gifts.  The complete mentoring system is still taught in the course, but students are taught and encouraged to recognize and also use their own unique healing gifts to help others find personal freedom.

I’m so grateful for the tools and understandings that have changed my life, and I’m excited to announce that starting in January 2017, the Sacred Gifts course will now be offered online as a 15 week course, instead of a live course.  This will allow the information to be shared to anyone, no matter where they live!  Does this sound like something for you?  If the answer is yes, email me at AND we will see if this program is a good fit for you where you are in your life.  I’m excited to share my gifts with you and help you discover more of yours!    Absolutely NO obligation.

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