Mentoring with Maria

Mentoring Sessions

**All sessions will be done via telephone or Zoom by request, except for the Personal Email support session.**


Custom Mentoring Package

Maria believes that every person and their path is unique.  This custom program is meant to be uniquely suited to you.  The length of time, price, and type of sessions will all be customized to you.  Some or all of the sessions on this page will be utilized.  Contact Maria at 385-985-5994 for a free consultation to see if this is your right next step.


Quickening Coaching Package

This 20 week coaching experience will transform your life!  Learn why you do what you do, and your unique motivations and recipe for success.  Quickening Coaching will get you where you want to go quickly.  Be prepared to get what you want!  Contact Maria at 385-985-5994 for a free consultation to see if this is your right next step.



Personal Freedom Sessions

Using the 5 Systems Approach to Personal Freedom techniques, this session is meant to clear mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that are keeping you personally stuck in your life.  We can work on a myriad of issues.  These sessions typically include energy work to clear out blocks and mentoring to help you see a different perspective of an issue and seeing your right next step(s).  Sometimes you need clarity from an outside source to help you see what you are right in the middle of.  I would love to help you gain clarity and move forward in your life in a healthy way.  60 minutes.

$120 or buy 4, get one free.




Fast Track Personal Freedom Sessions

This is similar to a Personal Freedom session, just a shorter version.  We will do a fast track tune up and check in with all 5 systems to clear the blocks that are ready to be released now.  35 minutes

$80 or buy 3, get one free.




Personal Gifts Sessions and Follow up sessions

Couple Gifts Sessions

Family Gifts Sessions

Do you know what your gifts are?  This session is a powerful way to get connected to your unique gifts that are specifically connected to your life mission.  You will gain more clarity about what your gifts are, how they manifest for you, and things you can do to move forward with them and utilize them in a greater way.  By request, you can also receive in depth support and understanding for a gift that you already know you have and are desiring more clarity with.  You will also receive a write up with a summary of your session.  45 minutes.



Combined session

This option combines a personal freedom session and a personal gifts session in one price.  You will receive 2 separate sessions, but still get the combined price.  I recommend receiving the personal freedom session first to help prepare you for the gifts session as I have found that sometimes people struggle to receive what their gifts are. 60 minutes and 45 minutes


Personal Education Map Session

Personal Sacred Path Session

Personal Sacred Animal Session

Personal Email Support session

This session is meant to assist you with up to 3 issues of your choice and will be done at my convenience.  This means that I will ponder your issues or questions that you have,  which you will tell me beforehand.  I will then tune into your energy at my convenience, and clear any blocks I can sense.  When I am finished with the session, I will send you any additional support and mentoring I am sensing for you.  This session is great if you do not want to be involved in the session or are too busy to schedule a regular mentoring session. Email will be received within 10 days of order.



“Maria coming into my life was an answer to a prayer.  I had been introduced to energy work many years prior and deeply desired to learn for myself.  This became even more urgent to me when I had my first baby.  I am so grateful for the timing even though it took many years longer than I would have hoped, but I know that it was for a reason.  I was meant to learn and mentor through Maria instead of the other options I had been looking at.  She has been the most wonderful mentor and I’m so grateful for the tools given me through her 5 Systems Approach to Healing program.  It has been invaluable to me for my own healing and in helping my family.  By learning this system, I have cleared so many blocks that interfered with any kind of relationship with God and Christ.  I didn’t know how to have one and didn’t know why my efforts felt so difficult and hard.  I was more comfortable not trying. Now I have become closer to each of them than I have ever been before.  I am learning how to get out of my own way and with more understanding about myself and past trauma, I continue to build those relationships which are in turn affecting every part of my life for the better and helping me to be stronger in my gifts and in energy work.  I know Maria as a very grounded, spiritual person very in tune with her gifts and she has received this program from God and I hope everyone within her reach takes the opportunity to learn it. Teaching through the Spirit and guiding people to Christ and God are very important to her.”