Sacred Gifts: 5 Systems Course

Sacred Gifts

Sacred Gifts: The 5 Systems Mentoring COURSE

In this 12 week online course participants will learn:

  • Energy healing, what it means and how to heal yourself and loved ones.
  • The 5 Systems Approach to Personal Freedom which is a holistic healing/mentoring modality.
  • The 5 systems are heart, mind, soul, might, and strength.
  • Muscle testing, how to effectively muscle test and other methods for following intuition.
  • Discover your personal gifts and learn to apply them in serving others.
  • Includes 6 recorded clearings for heart, mind, soul, might, strength, and gifts.
  • Includes a workbook with information and practical application exercises to help you discover your gifts.
  • Includes a Facebook group to give daily support and and answer questions as needed.
  • Includes weekly training videos

Maria teaches practical application with lots of practice within a safe environment.

Fee is $695 for first time students and includes all materials needed, workbook, tools, training, etc.


Learn the story of how Sacred Gifts came to be here.



Testimonials about the course:

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to attend the Sacred Gifts course with Maria. I am the type of learner that needs to start with a person that I can trust on a subject before reading books or searching the internet. From the first time I met Maria I knew that I could expect honest, open communication and the application of practical life skills from her program. I am finding that there are so many modalities in this field, but what sets Maria apart as a mentor is that she encourages OUR gifts, and fosters OUR talents. She doesn’t want us to do things her way, although she teaches us her specific methods, she encourages us to find the way that works best for us to meet our needs and styles of healing. I am grateful for her support during the time of our classes, and now am excited to get to continue to learn from her during the year certification program. This course is a gift in my life!”



“The sacred gifts course gave me confidence and knowledge. It made it very easy to do energy work for myself and my family. Additionally, practicing and going through each class gave me confidence in my innate gifts and in the new skills I was learning. I personally think for the time we live in and the days ahead every mother in Zion needs the knowledge and skills from this course.”



“Maria coming into my life was an answer to a prayer.  I had been introduced to energy work many years prior and deeply desired to learn for myself.  This became even more urgent to me when I had my first baby.  I am so grateful for the timing even though it took many years longer than I would have hoped, but I know that it was for a reason.  I was meant to learn and mentor through Maria instead of the other options I had been looking at.  She has been the most wonderful mentor and I’m so grateful for the tools given me through her 5 Systems Approach to Healing program.  It has been invaluable to me for my own healing and in helping my family.  By learning this system, I have cleared so many blocks that interfered with any kind of relationship with God and Christ.  I didn’t know how to have one and didn’t know why my efforts felt so difficult and hard.  I was more comfortable not trying. Now I have become closer to each of them than I have ever been before.  I am learning how to get out of my own way and with more understanding about myself and past trauma, I continue to build those relationships which are in turn affecting every part of my life for the better and helping me to be stronger in my gifts and in energy work.  I know Maria as a very grounded, spiritual person very in tune with her gifts and she has received this program from God and I hope everyone within her reach takes the opportunity to learn it. Teaching through the Spirit and guiding people to Christ and God are very important to her.”



I recently completed Maria Olson’s Sacred Gifts program where I learned about the 5 Systems Approach to Personal Freedom. I learned SO much, including how to figure out what blocks I have in my 5 systems and how to release them to receive healing and strength in their place. The information is so empowering, and I have also been able to use it to help others (not just myself).
We also spent a lot of time during the course focusing on learning more about ourselves and our unique gifts. We all have gifts that bless our own lives and those around us. When we are aware of what they are, we can use them more intentionally to accomplish our missions and purposes on earth. And, when we clear out our blocks and old beliefs, our gifts become stronger and we have the capacity to develop new ones. I am a lot more aware of my gifts now, and I feel them growing and becoming stronger.
Maria is an amazing person. She is very inspired, full of love, and uses her gifts throughout the program. I am so grateful for all I learned from her!


I first met Maria when I had a Gifts Session with her, as she spoke about her Sacred Gifts program, I KNEW that I was meant to take it and that it was like the missing piece to a puzzle I’d been trying to put together. The moment I started the Sacred Gifts Program, I knew that it was Divinely inspired! One of my biggest take aways from this program is to trust myself and my intuition as I follow the 5 systems of personal freedom. Maria is very intuitive and she strives to follow the Holy Spirit in all she does. I have learned so much from her and I am so grateful that she followed her promptings to create this course. She is very genuine and sincere, and one of the most loving people I have ever met. I’m grateful that Heavenly Father allowed and made it possible for our paths to cross. 




Sacred Gifts:  The 5 Systems Approach to Personal Freedom Course $695

Need a payment plan?  contact maria @


Sacred Gifts: The 5 Systems Approach to Personal Freedom REFRESHER Course

This is for students who have already been through this course with Maria and wish to take a refresher.

She says, “I’m excited to share the new things I have learned since last time.”

Fee is $100.00 for repeat students and includes all materials needed, workbook, tools, training, etc.

Sacred Gifts REFRESHER Course $100
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4 thoughts on “Sacred Gifts: 5 Systems Course

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s great to have the rednimer to trust the process. Stepping into your gifts can be intense and challenging to our self concepts. Coincidentally, a friend was talking about the Release Technique today, naming safety, approval and control as three coverings of the separate limited Me.

  2. I would like to register for your class. My friend Debbie has taken classes from you, and she told me about you. I would like to get registered. Is there a possibility of making payments for a short time? Between medical bills, and our son’s wedding Oct 2nd, it would make it possible to come. Feel free to call 801-557-5457 thank you very much, Sharon Petersen

  3. When will you be offering classes in the areas of Pocatello, Idaho or idaho Falls, idaho? Or by chance, do you know of anyone doing classes in these areas? I live in Blackfoot, Idaho and wish to take some classes locally.

    Thank You,
    Sharla Speirs

    • Hi Sharla! I would love to teach in Idaho. As soon as there is enough demand, I will be there. If you know of some others in your area that are interested, let me know and we could get it there quicker.

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